Twenty Days Of Being Silent

I'll Be Your New York

All The Eidola

A Jack And Jill Story





Lena Aliper was born in 1985 of Russian and German blood and grew up in Moscow. The unique and turbulent cultural context of the post-Perestroika capital blended in perfectly with an almost classical education she received in high school. Lena's formative years saw her reading first The Iliad and Divine Comedy at the age of 12 in the days of political and economical instability, then reading Jack Kerouac well hidden under the desk during history classes at 15 and memorising the entire Cherry Orchard at 16.

Lena picked up a 35mm Canon (now stolen) when she was 20 to get over romantic issues and obtained an MA in French literature at 23 after penning a thesis on Raymond Queneau. Then she came to London, having accepted an offer to do a post-graduate course in photography at LCC, which ended up leading her on to earn an MA in photographic studies from the University of Westminster. With two MAs, too few pairs of shoes and the determination to chase intensity under any circumstances, Lena currently lives and works in London without being certain of anything in the world.



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