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All The Eidola

In All The Eidola, the hand-printed image is experienced as a tangible surface sharing its potential for decomposition with the human body, the photographer’s and possibly the viewer’s. As the series expanded to include all of London’s remarkable bridges and skylines, it also acquired schizophrenic overtones. The same locations would be photographed at different angles and distances, and horizons would dislocate from frame to frame as if to document derive in a state of insanity resonating with a total loss of certainty of trajectory and passage of time. The city ends up as a disjointed puzzle to serve as a backdrop to moments of enlightenment, as organic sensations open onto transcendental experiences.

All the images were printed by hand using the sandwich technique: an intermediate colour print was photographed on black and white film and a new colour print was made from two negatives, one placed on top of the other, which gives to the final object its desaturated and grainy appearance.

[eidola, plural for eidolon in Greek, could mean both phantoms and ideals]



The copyright belongs to Lena Aliper